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A big-hearted fund powered by the Columbus startup community

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Attend the Launch

Rev1 has seeded the START fund with $10,000 and will match the next $5,000 raised by the community! Attend the Founders Lunch at Rev1 Ventures on November 16 to learn more about the START Fund and how you can get involved.

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Learn About the Causes

At the Founders Lunch, a list of causes will be launched on Billion. Read more and find your favorite individual initiatives within each cause. For example: Hunger is a cause, a nonprofit under a cause will be an initiative! You can vote with your dollar on your favorite cause.

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Cause is Announced

In early 2017, the cause with the points will receive the fund that has been accumulated over the course of a few months! Thank you so much for participating!

Support A Cause

What would you like to see receive the START Fund?

Initiatives to create a tech based curriculum to provide job skills for people in need.

Initiatives that work to connect underserved communities in the Columbus region.

Initiative to innovate education and engage children in learning.

Initiatives to create urban, healthy, food solutions in Columbus.


Want to decide which local cause receives thousands of dollars in funding?

Seeding the Fund

Rev1 ventures seeded the innovation fund with $10,000 and is looking to the community to raise the next portion of funds. They will match dollar for dollar the amount that is raised.

Attend Events

Rev1 will hold events throughout the year that are open to the community. At these events we’ll hold live crowdfunding for the START fund where attendees can vote on their favorite causes with their dollars. The points go to the chosen cause and the money into the overall fund.

Your voice has been heard!

You can give to the Start fund through the Billion website through the end of the year. The START fund advisory board plans to revel which initiatives it will support in the first quarter of 2017.

Event Timeline

Here's the plan!

Founders Lunch

Attend the launch event to start crowdfunding for Columbus’ greatest causes!


Check back for Rev1 events to attend and help support causes in Columbus.

Announcing the Winner

The winner will be announced to receive the fund in early 2017!

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